Our Services

At Tosdere we can take on some of your everyday tasks and free you up for more strategic businesses. We will in turn help reduce your stress related to employing personnel’s while ensuring timelines and quality of your service.

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Manning and Crewing

Tosdere provides talented professionals and certified Seafarers (Officers and Ratings) of various categories to match position specifications.

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HR Solutions and Consulting

Placement and Selection
People development
Performance Management System
Appraisal diagnostics

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Recruitment Services

Recruitment services for banks, private
and commercial companies of all kinds
of qualified staff, position specified.

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Construction Services

Engineering constructions
Electrial Engineering constructions
Civil Engineering constructions

Other Services


This service allows client companies to have Tosdere employees on board vessels with an option to finally hire (if required). This also eliminates staff administration costs and payroll taxes, Workmen Compensation Insurance, sick pay, vacation pay and administrative costs associated with employment from your corporate expenditures, Tosdere, manages everything.

Human Resource Diagnostic (HRD)

Our HRD process is designed to create a situation where we assess, evaluate and understand employees, against existing client's structure and underlying philosophy that drive their organizations. Through this process we provide necessary solutions which helps align Human Resource Management with overall our client's corporate objectives and strategy.

Rationalization System and Processes (RSP)

We partner our clients in implementing strategic right sizing processes. This will include Assessments and Placement, Severance Management Programs, Labour Union interventions and Compensation Processes.

Performance Management Systems

We design comprehensive systems for an effective Performance Monitoring that will harness the potential of employees and apply them in our clients' determined courses.

Client Portfolio